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Get Involved

Welcome to the Hudson County HIV/AIDS Services Planning Council’s Involvement page. On this page you will find information about the different types of membership on the planning council as well as instructions on how you, too, can become a member.

We’re glad you decided to come to this page to find out about what is being done for people with HIV/AIDS in Hudson County, NJ and how you can make your voice heard by becoming a member of the Hudson County HIV/AIDS Services Planning Council.

We encourage your participation and if you have any questions about membership not covered (or perhaps not clear) in this website, please feel free to email us at or call us at 201.324.6222 ext. 3212

Before deciding if you want to become a member, we recommend that you attend one of our monthly meetings. A schedule of meetings as well as a calendar of Planning Council activities can be found here.

Information on our various committees can be found here.

Below you will find the three types of planning council members:

Associate Members:

Individuals who attend the meetings on a regular basis. Associate members may be anyone from the community at large interested in finding out about what is being done to help people with HIV/AIDS in Hudson County, NJ. These individuals are men, women, or young adults who may or may not be HIV+ or have AIDS. Associate members may express their concerns in monthly Planning Council meetings, and may ask that a particular issue be formally studied by the planning council. These members cannot vote during the meetings.

Alternate Members:

Alternates are usually appointed by voting members. For continuity of discussion, alternates are requested to attend each monthly meeting so they are aware of the issues facing the Planning Council. When their voting member is unable to attend, the alternate member participates in meetings and votes in his or her place. Alternate members are not meant to replace voting members, although at the end of the voting member’s term, his or her alternate may be recommended for appointment as a voting member. If an infected/affected voting member so chooses, the Membership Committee of the Planning Council will assign him or her an alternate. Like all other alternates, these individuals should attend regular monthly meetings and vote in place of the voting member when he or she is unable to attend.​

Voting Members:

Individuals who are recommended by the Planning Council to represent the community at large as voting members. Members of the Planning Council recommend that individuals be appointed to the Planning Council by the Hudson County Executive. The County Executive actually appoints voting members to the Planning Council. Associate members may be recommended to become voting members, usually after participating regularly for several months. Voting members fall into three basic categories: Infected/Affected Individuals, Service Providers, and Community Representatives. The Federal Government also requires that the Planning Council further break these categories down to ensure representation from both men and women, whites and people of various other races, former drug users, and government representatives, i.e. Health and Human Services, Medicaid, and Social Security. Voting members are appointed for two-year terms, and must actively participate on at least one (1) committee throughout their tenure.

How to become a member of the Planning Council

1) Read the Description of Membership Responsibilities

2) Print and fill out a Membership Form AND a Conflict of Interest Form

3) Email or mail your Membership Form AND your Conflict of Interest Form to

Chad Balodis

Hudson County HIV/AIDS Services Planning Council

HCIA, Ninth Floor

830 Bergen Avenue, 9th floor

Jersey City, NJ 07306